Greetings to the Town of Hampton!  My name is Vicki Hayner and I have been appointed as your new Assessor.  It is my honor and pleasure to serve each and every one of you.

As you are aware, my responsibility is to maintain your assessments in a fair and equitable manner.  I am also responsible for recording sales of properties in the Town, processing exemptions for property owners, be mindful of building permits in the Town to make sure data is entered correctly and property is assessed appropriately and be available for any questions you may have regarding any of the above items.

Renewal  forms for exemptions will be mailed to you in early December.  You may see different colors for the applications, but they are the same applications you have had in the past.  Please be sure to fill these out and return before March 1, 2020.

I am available by appointment on Mondays if you wish to meet with me.  I do work in the Town of Granville on Monday mornings so you can always stop in there to see me if that is easier.

My telephone number is (518)902-3309 and my mailing address is PO Box 125, Hampton, NY.  I also have an email address which is  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding your property.

Assessor:  Vicki Hayner
Phone: 518-902-3309


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