The Town of Hampton is beginning a Revaluation Project for the properties within the Town.  The purpose of this project is to make sure there is equity in all property owner’s assessments which would have everyone paying their fair share of taxes.

       The first step in the project is to collect and verify the inventory on the parcels of property.  Data mailers (Property Description reports) were mailed in early June to all property owners with homes on their property.  Please take the time to fill them out and return as soon as possible.

       You will begin to see me out on the roads (I will be in a car with marker that say Town Assessor).  I will be updating pictures and verifying data in the field during the summer.  Weather permitting, I plan to be out on Monday afternoons and Fridays.  All property verification will be done from the public right of way or from a driveway.  If you would like a more complete inspection, please call me for an appointment.

       After that is complete and information is input into the computer, the process of valuation will begin.  You will receive a letter from me in early/mid February which will indicate your new 100% value of your property.  You will have opportunity to discuss this value if you feel it is not correct.  Dates and times will be on that letter.

        Please do not panic over this project!  The purpose is to get equity assured within the town and make sure all properties are on the roll correctly.  And, there will be plenty of time to have a discussion with the Assessor if you feel your value is not correct.

        I may be reached at (518)902-3309 or you can email me at  Please leave a message with your name, address and phone number.  I will return your call as soon as I am able.

      Thank you in advance for your encouragement and patience as we complete this project.

                                                       Vicki Hayner, IAO



Assessor:  Arek Gordon
Phone: 518-760-3139